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Rebuilding A Happy Community, Serving People In Need

Many Citizens are good people who are in need. Many people wish to help but are busy with their lives. Many people like you contribute to charitable causes like those you see in grocery stores or some fast food chains. Family is a gift. Action in the community is needed to make a harmonious environment for all people. Good health and ways to make people happier will reduce crime. People hurt and are sick with illness. Those people need healing and medicine. Some people do not have transportation to get to work, grocery shopping or the doctors. They need to get around. Churches can't always help. Some people have no medical insurance and need to see Doctors. Seniors often have failure with health as they age and sometimes need people to assist them with shopping or in home care as well as with housekeeping. Some people have been working their whole lives and deserve a good vacation or change of scenery and a special moment to share with friends and family. Some people cannot afford to get their vehicle fixed. The American Dream was to be able to make a profit in a business. The world of profit does not work in the long run because we live on Earth and we are here to work together and survive with what resources we know and learn and have. If we don't work together, we will fail. The glamour of the world will shut down soon. Eating out is a passing fad. Pack a lunch or eat at home because being served with hands that could be contaminated or getting something you don't want, is not worth the fuss or money. Money will disappear one day because living for profit won't serve to work. the economy is increasing in people daily and the newcomers will need their own place and own vehicle and own job, etc. Simplification is what is needed. One man or woman running the country is not enough to get international work done to make peace and keep it. On the national level what we are doing is not being done by the American Government. 

There are so many people that becaome victims of rape and molestation. To get passed rape is an every day struggle and needs to be put away for once and for all. So many people have struggled with drug use and want to get far away from it. Use our resources to give yourself a chance for new life. Drugs are wrong. Tobacco use just hurts your body. Sober your mind and the possibilities increase for you. Money goes only so far. the Earth gave us sunshine for power, and water for drinking and cleaning and gave us people with minds to cleanse the Earth. It's all we have. Love her. No one should own the rights to water and power and gas. These things come from the Earth and should be FREE. The idea to charge people to live on Earth is cruelty. If we work together for pieces of our own land based on our new religion - to serve each other regardless of race or handicap we can have a more harmonious world. I don't think guns are necessary. It creates wars between nations. If you are morally and ethically correct you will help in this cause. Please volunteer your services to serve Seniors, adult men and women, and teens who struggle with these things below and let the American Dream not be corrupted by profit. Please share your donations and enjoy a vegetarian meal because killing animals for food in an abundant society is unethical and simply made for cruelty and pleasure of taste. You can also buy a song to donate. Musicians get paid half of the donation. If you buy a song from a musician you are to pay them half of your earnings from the song if you should get it on the radio or add it to a record label. We serve each other. If you are a musician selling your songs, please just communicate that in the forums, and happily sell your songs yourself. The rules have been placed. This not for profit organization legally takes a small percentage of the donations, that is, only 10 percent, one dime out of one dollar, to keep the activities going and for the purpose of not starving and for saving for things needed in the daily life of the owner, Heather McLaughlin. It is a way for me to get paid for the therapeutic communication that I will use to help serve people, whether it be nationally or just in the local community. I ask for volunteers to help because there may be people coming from other ethnicities and backgrounds that I may not well understand. In that case, this organization, called SPIN, or Serving People In Need, needs your help desperately. It is all on a volunteer basis. Just send me an email that you would like to help, what your certifications are, what your skills are, your work history, your age, and your address and if possible why you are unique in your own words and why you would like to help in your own words, and most likely you would have permission to help. If you are reliable and trustworthy, I will become your future reference. The things that I would like to help people with is all of these charitable causes...

1) Medicine 2) Medical Insurance 3) Seniors daily living 4) Vacations for citizens 5) Transportation 6) Vehicle Maintenance 7) Cancer research 8) Stem Cell Research 9) Orthopedics 10) Podiatry 11) Pediatrics 12) Inventions 13) Dreams 14) Community Centers 15) Watching Movies 16) Building Homes  17) Opportunities for Shelter 19) Children's Needs 20) Drug Rehab 21) Housekeeping

If you are an artist and have art to share or your children's art to share, please feel free to post that on this site as long as it is in no way graphic or unpleasing to the eye. No pornography. 

You are now about toward the end of what needed to be said here. My name is Heather Joy McLaughlin, I need to file a not for profit paperwork with my secretary of state or appropropriate authority. 

Please send your donations to Heather Joy McLaughlin. My address is 355 East Lawson Avenue. In the city of Foley, in the state of Alabama, in the United States of America. Zip code is 36535. 

You will get a receipt of the donation. Do not forget to send your email address with your donation. You will get your receipt in the email.

All of the money I send you to get things you need for those causes above- I need a receipt for them to give it to the government. If I do not have the receipts, I can't help you in the future and I will have to bill you for the help you received and it will affect your credit if you don't pay. So, the receipts are mandatory as a rule, and you must send me the receipts for the things you get help with. Stamps are at the post office or at Walmart or other local stores.

Thank you for your patience. I only operate on Saturdays as far as taking in first come, first served basis people from all over the nation so please be advised, you may not receive immediate assistance, unless I have volunteers helping me. I am alone for now doing the right thing, helping the people everywhere, because this government lacks help like this. 

Due to such a rapid process, music is not for online exchange because of too much possible technical difficulty with uploads and downloads. So to sell your music, please lead interested parties to hear a song using your own email address for uploads and downloads, not on this site. Not until I have upgraded so that I can have that option with little technical difficulty. Thank you.

Being that you may come for assistance in those areas above, please state your name and address and age in an email to By Law, you must provide a receipt. All receipts go to the Government. If you do not coooperate, we can't serve you in the future and you will be billed for what was given to you if you do not give a receipt. That action could ruin your credit. At this time, I have to wait for money to help you, this is a new site and there is no money from donations yet. But, just leave your name and you will not be spammed, and your info will not be given away to some third party. When people start donating I can help only toward what they want to donate to. I will update continually to let all know what is being donated and how I can help.

This is all community volunteer work done in spare time with the help of volunteers. To meet your needs, I will help you with everything listed through therapeutic communication on Saturdays only for myself, other times for volunteers. I will let you know when there are more volunteers like me doing good works for the people. To promote a happy environment for others is the happiest peace you can get in my idea. I am a medical assistant student and I live off SSI for now and I have an injured knee. I have given several inventions away in the past, and have some for the future that I would like to have done.

In the ideal world, there is no destruction of peoples, there is no longer money, people are more free giving and cooperative with each other, no more rape, molestation, or crime. Families have more meals together at home, and people work towards things that really matter and don't waste time with things that are not going to work in the long run. The country will be blessed with rulers more than one that can make peace with other nations. People won't be condemned for their religion which is to help others and make themselves happy. People will no longer feel the need to be selfish, or self centered, and people will have more manners. Happiness will abound mainly, and in times of natural disasters, people will already be on every move of a hurricane or tornado, and for earthquakes people will figure out how to make a house that can't be affected by an earthquake and more people and more people will realize that it is not necessary to enable the market to kill animals. We will take the planet not by force, but by being happy, gentle people that want to share. 

It starts with having a sober mind. Please take special care and do right.  

This organization clears out confusion for all other religions before it. Its aim is to promote and spread happiness and justice for the victims in the whole world. It is ok to be needy, in the time that you have a need. And the truth is we are always needy.  Our people will come to help you. This is what I believe. If you believe the same, please start by opening up and sharing your name and what you aim to do for yourself and others. Send an email, and turn the online world into something good. Now! It's urgent! The Earth needs you! MCLAUGHLINHMC@GMAIL.COM

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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355 East Lawson Avenue, Foley, AL 36535